Saturday, February 10, 2007

M2: spreadFifteen

really like the bubbly happy go lucky lady in the bottom left.

M2: spreadFourteen

M2: spreadThirteen

M2: spreadTwelve

M2: spreadEleven

M2: spreadTen

M2: spreadNine

Really have been into hot air balloons and things that fly or float lately. Some concept sketches for a story I have in mind!

M2: spreadEight

M2: spreadSeven

M2: spreadSix

M2: spreadFive

M2: spreadFour

M2: spreadThree

M2: spreadTwo

M2: spreadOne

had some time to scan in some of the pages of my sketchbook. I'm pretty happy so far with the blank pages, as opposed to the grid. Although there are some things I miss about having a grid. I find myself wanting to fill in all the white space of the blank pages.. I'm not sure what that's all about. I really like that the drawings don't bleed as much, and that I can use a white colored pencil and have a little contrast against the cream paper. My only gripe was that the binding in the first set of pages was done horribly, and a page broke off.. so I had to tape it back in place.. grrr.. Hope you enjoy!!!